Governor Details and Register of Interests
Governor Name Category of Governor - eg Parent Governor Term Start Date Term End Date Relevant Business Interest
Mrs Tammie Prince Headteacher  03/12/2015 02/12/2019 Author of 100 ideas for Primary Teachers - Mindfulness in the classroom and is published by Bloomsbury.
Mr Andrew Eastell Co-opted Governor - Chair 05/05/2016 04/05/2020 Links with Carleton Community High School.
Mrs Jane Barry Co-opted Governor - Chair of Resourses Committee 03/12/2015 02/12/2019 Governor for Pennine Camphill Community Trustee.  Husband is Chair of Schools Forum. Husband is National Leader of Governance and works within other schools in Wakefield. Husband is Chair of Governing Body at Kettlethorpe High School and Kettlethorpe Collaborate Partnership.
Mrs Louise Lupton LA Governor 05/05/2016 04/05/2020 None
Mrs Caroline Carter LA Governor 26/01/2017 25/01/1921 Employee in the Financial Services Team for WMDC. Governor at Adult and Community Education in Wakefield.
Mrs Karen Wood Staff Governor 28/07/2015 27/07/2019 Father is a member of Normanton Town Council.
Miss Michelle Hawke Deputy Head 28/07/2015 27/07/2019 None
Miss Kathleen Maginn Business Manager 28/07/2015 27/07/2019 None




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