Year of Being Brave


During the 2020 academic year, Newlands Primary will be celebrating the Year of Being Brave.

As a school we will be exploring five focuses:

  • Moral Bravery is the courage to stand up for what is right when a person or group of people are being treated unfairly. Moral courage is the outward expression of our personal values and beliefs.

  • Disciplined bravery is the ability to remain focused and unwavering in light of setbacks or failures. With disciplined courage, you stay true to your vision and the impact you want to make on the world, community, or self. 

  • Intellectual bravery is the ability to recognize our individual limits in thinking and be open to new ideas and understandings based on new experiences and learning.

  • Empathetic bravery is the courage to put aside our own assumptions and stereotypes and listen to another’s perspective. This opens us up to feel deeply for others and to learn from their experiences.

Great Expectations for Year of Being Brave


  • Weekly Assemblies focusing on one area of being brave which will continue to be rotated throughout the year in order to support ongoing understanding and development.

  • Whole School Learning Task- British Sign Language- Each week new sign language signs will be taught in assembly and classes can practice and encourage children to use in class.

  • Mindfulness Development

  • Week of Being Brave

  • Community Service Project