Information NPS Nursery and Reception


Newlands has a school nursery that offers both 15 hour and 30 hour places during term time as well as a Reception. 

Together, they are called Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

At the heart of Newlands Primary School is the desire to provide the best education from each of their own starting points.  We are a kind, caring and inclusive school that supports the progress and development of each child in a nurturing and supportive manner.

We believe we are partners in educating your child and encourage open communication and sharing of achievements and milestones through our online learning journal, Tapestry. 

Children thrive in a play based, child centred curriculum where independence is encouraged. 

Our children learn through exciting and engaging topics that provides the children with opportunities indoors and outdoors to develop their academic skills like reading, phonics, writing, maths including number recognition and counting as well as grow socially and emotionally through positive experiences, developing friendships and exploring their feelings.