Governor Details and Register of Interests
Governor Name Category of Governor - eg Parent Governor Term Start Date Term End Date Relevant Business Interest
Mrs Tammie Prince Headteacher  04/27/2017 04/27/2025

Headteacher experience across three schools

Author of 100 ideas for Primary Teachers - Mindfulness in the classroom and is published by Bloomsbury.

Author of 50 Fantastic Ideas for Mindfulness and is published by Featherstone/Bloomsbury

Mrs Rachel Quayle Co-opted Governor - Chair 05/2024 05/2028 Teacher, extensive knowledge of education, Safeguarding and Leadership. Ability to work as part of a team and work in a challenging but supportive way.
Ms Caryann Sykes Co-opted Governor- Vice Chair 07/2022 07/2026 Employee in WMDC Education and Inclusion Team within Wakefield Council. Governor at Methodist School Wakefield.
Mrs Dawn Lee

Co-opted Governor

01/12/2023 01/12/2027 Photographer- Self-employed 

Helen Tonks


Co-opted Governor

05/2024 05/2028 Advisory Teacher, SEND Support, Teacher Training Support, Safeguarding

Mrs Trish Hollis


Mrs Justina Feorah


Mrs Anca Onea


Ms Lesley Batley

Co-opted Governor


Co-opted Governor


Parent  Governor


Parent Governor















Governor at Delacy Primary Pontefract Academy Trust


Physician, National Government Projects, Cultural Diversity


Parent, Teaching Assistant


Parent, SEND

Sophie Lofthouse Staff Governor 01/09/2023 01/09/2027 Class Teacher
Miss Michelle Hawke Deputy Head 28/07/2015 27/07/2023 Education, Safeguarding, Curriculum Development
Mrs Kathleen Leung Business Manager 28/07/2015 27/07/2023

Business, HR, Health & Safety




What experience, skills and knowledge do our governors bring to the school?


Rachel Quayle, Chair of Governors

  • ·        Teacher, extensive knowledge of education, Safeguarding and Leadership. Ability to work as part of a team and work in a challenging but supportive way. 

Caryann Sykes, Vice Chair of Governors

  • ·         Inclusion Manager for Wakefield Authority responsible for managing the resources across Wakefield in both mainstream and academies
  • ·         Qualified Teacher
  • ·         Skilled in all aspects of SEND support, management, financial budgeting and HR

Trish Hollies

·         Qualified as a teacher 40 years ago and worked in a secondary school, later in primary and finally a nursery school before becoming and adult tutor for the local authority and the WEA

  • School governor for over 20 years including secondary, primary and a special school.
  • Governor Training-

Guidance to compliment the Model Complaints Procedure for Schools

Multi Agency Safeguarding for Governors

Development of Effective Communication

Dealing with Safeguarding Allegations

Safer Recruitment

Mindfulness in the classroom

Promoting Education of children in care and previously in care –School governors statutory responsibilities

Safeguarding and child protection



Justina Ifeorah

        Retired in a senior level administrative capacity in clinical and public health settings in hospitals, and projects as a medical doctor and program manager.

        • Very effective in communication, stakeholder engagement, creative thinking, and team building.

        Acquired lots of experience in clinical management, health & safety, and administration from my work & various leadership positions in General Hospitals and Hospital Management Boards in Anambra State, Nigeria.

        Skilled in mental health & well-being, human resource management and financial management

        Highly experienced in Program Management having worked creditably as both a zonal and state team lead with International and National Agencies on Projects in Nigeria namely Family Health International FHI 360/ USAID, FHI/DFID, FHI360/GF, NACA/SURE-P

        Governing Board membership experience in UK and Nigeria

        MBBS Degree from University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

        MSC in Public Health Parasitology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Nigeria,

        USAID/CDC Regulations and Policies.

        Financial Management of USAID/CDC Awards

        Leadership & Management in Health from University of Washington, Seattle, USA.


Dawn Booth

  • ·         Worked in education for 26 years
  • ·          Qualified SENCO and a chartered manager in Leadership and Management
  • ·         Mainstream school as SENCo and Head of Student Support for 16 years
  • ·         Managed a Communication and Interaction resource for 6 years
  • ·         Currently Team Manager for the Wakefield Inclusion Special Educational Needs Support Service.  
  • ·         Manage the advisory teachers in Castleford Airedale Pontefract and Knottingley
  • ·          Responsibility for co-ordinating and leading training across the authority on autism for the Autism Education Trust

Lesley Batley

  • ·         Grandparent of children who do/have attended Newlands Primary School
  • ·         College and training in understanding Autism, Special Processing Disorder, Special Education Needs & Disabilities and Diets & Nutrition.
  • ·         Training in Governors, Phonics and Safeguarding in School
  • ·         Trained to be a Health Care Assistant and NVQ 4      in Management in Health Care.
  • ·         Experience working in Health Care as a Manager of a Nursing Home
  • ·         Experience working in schools as a Teaching Assistant and Dinner Supervisor.

Tammie Prince- Headteacher

  • 30+ years teaching experience in two countries- United States and England (7 different schools teaching both mainstream and SEND)
  • Headteacher of two schools for 15 years.
  • Executive Headteacher of one school for 1 year
  • Authour of 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers- Mindfulness in the Classroom and 50 Fantastic Ideas for Mindfulness