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Wakefield Families Together

Wakefield Families Together

Wakefield Families Together brings services together, so that it’s easier for you to find and access the support you need, at the earliest opportunity.

We want children, young people, and families to tell us they are happy, healthy, and safe. Wakefield Families Together are about working on your behalf so that if you have a concern about your child or family member, you only need to have one conversation with us, and we can direct you to the right support. You can access this support through your child’s school, family hub, or in the local community.

To help us localise how we work with families across the Wakefield district, we have grouped our teams and partner organisations into six community ‘cluster’ areas, with nine family hubs and three Youth Hubs. You can find your local Family Hub or Youth on the Wakefield Families Together website here: Family Hubs – Wakefield Families Together and here: Youth Hubs – Wakefield Families Together

Everyone needs help and support at some point in their life. So, when you do and find it hard to deal with a difficult situation, or have worries around family relationships, behaviour, school attendance, emotional and mental health, domestic abuse, parental conflict, housing issues, or employment and debt problems, Family Hubs can help direct to the right people and services. 

Sometimes the concerns you have may need a group of professionals to come together to build a package of support with you and other family members so that we have the right expertise to help the whole family. Find out more about the Team Around the School model here: The ‘Team Around’ approach – Wakefield Families Together





We would like to highlight the FREE ONLINE PARENTING courses availabe if you are a resident of Wakefield Council.

Wakefield's Online Universal parenting is offering, in partnership with the Solihull approach, courses for parents, grandparents and carers in Wakefiled on a variety of parenting aspects ranging from baby to teenagers and includes support for parents of children with special needs.

Access is simple and straight forward, please have a look and you will see it takes seconds to find: 

Simply add your Wakefield postcode and access password, HEPWORTH

You will then have unlimited access to all the packages available, there are even packages designed specifically for teenagers to access to support their own well-being.


What is on at Butterflies, the local Family Hub?


Please find a schedule of activities taking place over the next year that include parenting workshops, baby stay and play, wellbeing sessions and more.


Butterflies Schedule 2023-2024