As a Local Authority School, we follow the Local Authority’s admission guidelines. The key criteria are laid out below.

If there are more applications for admission to a school than there are places available, preference will be given in the following order:

  1. Children in public care (looked after children), or a child who was previously looked after or fostered under an arrangement made by the Local Authority (see note 16.5):

  2. (i) Children who live in the school's catchment area, who have brothers and sisters attending the school at the time of admission (see explanatory note 16.4);

(ii) Other children who live in the school’s catchment area (see explanatory note16. 2);


(c) Children who have brothers or sisters in attendance at the school (see explanatory note 16.4);

(d) Other children, with priority being given to those living nearest to the school.


For further information and a full details regarding admissions, visit

If you have any queries regarding admissions, contact the school office or the local authority’s admissions team directly on 01924 306052 or using the email address