Communication Resource



At the Communication Resource we aim to:

 Provide a safe and nurturing environment in which everyone is valued and respected.

 Make sure that pupils have a voice in all aspects of their school life.

 Ensure each individual pupil reaches their personal and academic potential.

 Enhance and support their independent life skills in order for them to achieve their social aspirations


The long term priority of this team is to help support pupils to reach their personal and academic potential, while developing their independence and enhancing their life skills in order to achieve their social aspirations.


Our Learning Support Team:

We have a highly trained team with excellent specialist experience and knowledge in a wide range of academic and social areas. Interventions are individualised to meet the specific needs of all our pupils.

The staffing consists of:

 Teacher in Charge

 Senior Specialist Learning Support Officer.

 Specialist Learning Support Officer.

 An excellent team of Specialist Learning Support Assistants.

Support is generally provided on a 1-2 or 1-3 ratio. Resource staffing does not provide 1-1 support, however there are times when pupils do receive some 1-1 time to work on specific interventions and programmes.

If you have any questions or would like to visit the resource, feel free to contact the school at 01924 302585.


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