Views of Our School-

What do people have to say about Newlands Primary School?


Parental Survey (July 2018)

94% of parents completing the survey said that they would recommend Newlands Primary School to another parent.

 What you you like best about Newlands?

·       The teachers are lovely and fantastic with my child.

·       The school is very friendly and my daughter has settled.

·       The breakfast club is extremely valuable to me. 

·       All the staff are friendly and they deal with any concerns I have.

·       My child is very happy while at school and always looks forward to going.

·       I love the staff's patience towards the pupils.

·       School trip opportunities

·       I like that any issue my child has is dealt with.

·       The way they understand my child's needs.

·       The staff are very caring and considerate.

·       The teaching staff; not about education alone but about helping the children become well-rounded individuals.

·       The school is welcoming.

·       The school is kept clean and tidy.

·       Afterschool clubs

·       The new headteacher

·       I like everything.

·       Friendly, safe atmosphere.

·       Teachers are very kind.

·       Good attitude

·       It has an exceptional teaching staff who will go the extra mile in helping and answering any concerns that may be raised.

Pupil Survey (July 2018)

 What do you like best about Newlands?

·       The teachers! Best Teachers ever!

·       Playing with my friends.

·       Dinner time

·       All the fun activities

·       Assemblies

·       They help if you are stuck.

·       That you are protected.

·       Playtime

·       The things we do in maths.

·       I don’t know. So, I like everything. School is the best.

·       That it is really fun and awesome.

·       PE

·       Working and listening to Miss Prince.

·       English

·       We get to learn.

·       That everyone in the school is my friend.

·       The classrooms and hallways are colourful.

·       Everyone here is kind.

·       School trips

·       No bullies.

·       The best thing about school is I have lots of friends.

·       You feel welcoming by the children and staff.

·       They accept who you are.

·       Teachers always try to help.

·       I can always talk to a teacher.

·       Whenever there is a problem, it gets fixed.

·       The children at Newlands are friendly.

·       Bad behaviour is noticed and dealt with.

·       Mindfulness

·       It has a breakfast club

·       We have whole school events

·       Reading Wonder

·       Art club

·       Science work

Staff Survey (July 2018)

What do you like best about working at Newlands?

·       The Children

·       Warm and friendly to everyone

·       Strong leadership and staff  team

·       The relationship between management and staff is a 'easy' one, open door policy

·       We all work together as a team and support one another

·       Friendly staff

·       Polite children

·       Permanent Headteacher

·       The school now has a vision and clear purpose to move the school forward.

·       Given the opportunity to develop strengths and lead the school forward in this area.

·       Fabulous response to new ideas and bags of creativity

·       Mindfulness & calming attempts

·       Ownership of children making good choices

·       The potential for it to be great.